Lunch Menu

   The Stardust Lunch Menu


the trust me salad

named this because nobody did until they tried it…now it is our #1 seller! mixed green salad, with avocado, chevre, tomato and red onions topped with dried cranberries, seeds and nuts with destiny’s secret dressing. 12- add grilled organic chicken 6.95 xtra

the best ever bee el tee

not a boast, a frequent quote! a stardust twist on an old favorite, onion, pesto mayo  8.95

the juicy cheese burger

a local grass fed beef patty on a homemade roll, comes with all your favorite sides..lettuce, asiago cheese, tomato, onion, sweet pickle chips,mustard and tropical sauce.  14-

bowl of soup

of the day 7.95

the gullino= gooleenoh

named after my dad, an organic chicken breast on a grilled homemade ciabatta roll with tomato, onion and melted asiago with a touch of pesto mayo. 9.95


 the soleil sandwich

turkey, avocado,  tomato, olive oil, salt, pepper, asiago cheese on wheat bread. 8.95

the cheese & pepper panino

ciabatta stuffed w/ chèvre, asiago, banana peppers, peppadew peppers, onion, tomato. 9.95

the james bunless burger

a juicy local burger topped with  asiago, avocado, bacon, tomato, lettuce, onion, pesto mayo, sweet pickles with a side salad & chips16-

the destiny salad

green salad, org chicken breast, avocado, chèvre, grilled peppers, bacon, secret dressing  16-

the lobster roll

caribbean lobster salad in a hoomemade bun 12.95

the shree cubano

ham, asiago cheese, sweet pickles, mustard, spicy mayo on a ciabatta 9.95

mix and match

add a grilled local, organic chicken breast (6.95) avocado, chevre, bacon  (3.95)